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I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving tradition is to go to TN to be with my Mom’s family, and by that I mean her ENTIRE family. You must understand, my mother has 6 siblings, so by the time you factor in all of them, their children, and in some cases their children’s children, there are around 50 people. Every year, we rent a lodge in TN and spend 3-4 days there together. Usually almost everyone is there. This year was our lowest in a long time and we still had 35! There is never a shortage of games going on, and this year one of those was Balderdash. Now, if you’ve never played this game, please try; it is tons of fun! Basically, the game is full of crazy words no one has ever heard of. Each person makes up a definition while one person writes the real one. You collect points when people vote for your definition. Here are a few examples:

Tacamahac – the most popular definition was “to make or piece together,” written by my cousin Rachel. But the real definition is “a popular tree found in the Northern US.”

Tib – I unfortunately don’t remember any definitions other than the real one, which is, “the ace of trump in the game of gleek.” ?!? Someone, please, tell me what gleek is!

But my favorite was succubus. For some reason, 3 of the definitions had to with plants. But the real definition is… drumroll please… a female demon who suduces grown men in their sleep. Now, this was the one definition everyone cracked up at, thinking surely it was made up by my cousin Sam. But low and behold, it’s real!

Well, I’m afraid that’s all I can write right now. I had planned on posting pictures of school and such, but at this momment I am sitting on my bed and my computer is not connected to the High-Speed Internet. Hence, it is taking too long to upload pictures. Alas! Maybe I’ll try in the morning. Right now I must get some sleep…


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