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Grad School Dilemma

I returned from my Project in Chicago 3 weeks ago. It was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. I grew in so many ways, and the people I met became my best friends. I’ll write more about it sometime.

Before I left for Chicago, I was contemplating attending Graduate School and put in applications at Radford, where I got my bachelor’s from, and Regent University. At the time I was really intending to continue at Radford, but didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket. In the end, after much prayer and consideration, I decided to attend Regent. Both schools had many pros and cons and it was a very hard decision. I love Radford. I know the campus, the teachers, and the people. Most of my best friends are there as well as a Church that I did not want to leave. But Regent’s program is online, which would allow me to stay at home and get a job. I felt that the program in Journalism would be a much better fit for me than English, which is what Radford offers. When I called to explain that I would not be able to finance school at Regent (its more than twice the cost of Radford), the ladies I was working with went out of their way to help me figure out what to do, including getting me a scholarship despite the fact that I didn’t meet the GPA requirement (close but not quite). So, in the end I chose Regent and just have to trust God that I made the right decision.


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