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Long Overdue Post

It’s been too long since I’ve written, but I honestly don’t feel like much of interest has happened lately. I can’t believe its March already! I still feel as if I just stepped off the plane from Chicago, but that was 7 months ago!

We in Roanoke finally got our first good snow… yesterday. It threatened to snow many times throughout the past 3 months, but never did, even when cities as close as 30 minutes away were covered. But yesterday it finally came, and its gorgeous! Great packing snow too! Lots of snowmen around…

Actually, now that I think about it, a lot has happened since my last post! My sister and brother-in-law, who used to live in Ohio, now live with us. I also have my first real, paying job! I work for the Town of Vinton, supervising parties and events, and occasionally working in the office at the War Memorial. Its not very many hours, but its good experience and I work with great people.

Other than that, I’m now halfway through my second semester of Grad School. Only 2 more after this (maybe…). This week is officially Spring Break, but I still have homework. 😦 But I like it, so its okay. I’m learning a lot about different writing styles and techniques. This week I’m writing a memoir.

Well, I should go… 24 starts in 3 minutes. I try not to wait 7 months before I post again… for my sake and my readers sake… when I wait so long I forget what’s happened in my own life – never a good thing!


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