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Remembering Everyday Life

So, I started writing this post like a month ago! It was late and I got too tired to finish, so I saved a draft and… you guessed it, forgot about it. I can’t believe I haven’t updated since July! I’ve wanted to but just haven’t done it, mainly because I’ve been really busy and overwhelmed recently and honestly, didn’t have much of a life last semester. That’s my fault because I let myself get behind in my schoolwork. But there were also several big changes happening in my house at the same time. And I got a whole lot more responsibility at work in August. All of this added up to a stressful, tiring mess of a semester. I went to work and did schoolwork – that’s pretty much all. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t resent ANYTHING that happened in my family, and I’m extremely grateful for the experience I’m gaining at work. But I do regret letting myself get so behind in school.

So, I decided to cut back and take only one class this semester. I’m working on my organizational skills and work habits and learning how to take better care of myself physically, mentally and spiritually. I guess you could say I’m growing up. It’s not easy, but its something that needed to happen and I know I’ll be a better, healthier person because of it. Watch out world, here I come!

One New Year’s Resolution or goal I made, besides the one I already described, was to do a better job of documenting my life. I do journal occasionally, but it is usually related to what I’m reading in the Bible, prayer requests, etc, and I don’t really do a lot about the day-to-day things. When the new year came I started thinking back on the past year and was shocked at how little I could remember! I remember highlights of course – the conference I went to in October, a concert in April, visiting a best friend in Texas in June, holidays and birthday celebrations, etc, but a lot of the day-to-day things, like conversations, evenings with my family or how doing such-and-such made me feel, have been forgotten. And that’s just one year. Multiply that by 50 or 60 years and it’s easy to see how many great memories and life lessons I could forget. This blog is one way to make sure that doesn’t happen. I hope to write at least one post a month. Friends, if you see me slacking, I give you permission to get on my case. I promise I won’t get mad at you! 🙂

Well, this post is getting long. I have a lot more I could write about, including my older sister’s pregnancy and the addition of a wonderful younger sister, who joined our family through foster care in January. But that would take a lot more time and probably a lot more pages, so I’ll leave it for my next post. I don’t have very much going on this week so I hope to write again in a few days.


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