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I never imagined

I’ve been wanting to update for a long time, I really have. Several things have happened since my last post and they are things I want to remember. Plus, I pride myself that (maybe) a few people actually read my posts and will want to know what I’m up to, especially after the rather cryptic post I wrote last time. I could give you a host of reasons why I haven’t updated… lack of inspiration, time or motivation, the pressure I feel to write something amazing…

All of these are partially true. But the biggest reason is, I haven’t known what to say, or how to say it. The English language doesn’t have enough words to express everything I’ve been doing, thinking and feeling since February, or how my life has changed.

On January 29, 2010, I got a younger sister. My family opened our home to a wonderful, beautiful young woman I’ll call Marie. I wish I could share her story… but its hers to tell. Suffice it to say that if life were about straws, this girl got the short one.

Growing up, my older sister, Sandra, was the ideal older sister. We had our squabbles, like any sisters, but that’s not what I remember. What I remember is how she took me to the library, had sleepovers with me and celebrated my last day of school each year. At the time I didn’t appreciate her. But as I grew older I began to see what a difference she made in my life, and I was sad that I didn’t have a chance to do that for my younger sister.

So when my parents told me they were thinking about becoming foster parents, I was excited. And by excited I mean jumping up and down. I asked them if they were crazy. I asked them what took them so long.

Eight months later I can say that having a foster sister has been harder than I imaged. I never imagined I would get so worried and frustrated. I never imagined all the drama.

But I also never imagined how much I’d change for the better. And I definitely never imagined I would love her so much.


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I know its no longer the Fourth of July. However, several days ago I thought back to memory I wanted to share.

Many years ago, when I was probably about 10 or 11, I remember watching fireworks from on top of a car. I don’t think it actually happened on the Fourth of July and I don’t know when it happened, but I guess the fireworks made me equate it with the Fourth. However, I think what made the event special was not the fireworks (though watching them from on top of a car was pretty cool!), but the fact that I was enjoying them with my cousins Rachel and Becky. I don’t remember the circumstances behind why we were together, but I do remember that we were all at a hotel together from some reason and watched the fireworks from the parking lot. It was a great view and all three of us really enjoyed them.

I don’t know why this particular memory has stuck with me, but it has. Now more than 10 years later, Rachel is married with two children and Becky is recently married and expecting her first child. At a time when we’re all growing up and starting our own lives, I guess its fun to remember back to simpler times.

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Poker Exploits

This weekend I learned how to play poker for the first time. Me, my mom, and my sister and brother-in-law played for a while on Sunday afternoon.  It’s a good thing we weren’t playing with real money because I would be broke.

Best quotes from the game:

“Oh, man! I guess I don’t have anything! But I almost have a flush; shouldn’t that count?”

“I have 2 pair, so you won. Oh, wait. I have a flush! I won!! Oh, man, why did I call it already?”

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New Blog!

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I recently came over here from xanga. I like xanga for its community aspect and there are a ton of great themes to choose from. But it got frustrating that only members can leave comments, and they also don’t have widgets unless you either pay for premium or make them yourself. So, I’m trying both WordPress and Blogger to see which one is better suited to my needs.

In other news, I want to make a quick shout out to my sister Sandra (or Sandy as I call her), who is 31 today! Happy Birthday, Sandy! You’re the best sister a girl could ask for!

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Looking back at my previous entry, I realized it was definitely time for an update…

Thanks to everyone who prayed (and hopefully continues to pray) for Kathryn. It would be impossible for me to accurately describe everything that has happened in the last two months, but I will say it has been full of ups and downs. She improved steadily for about a month, but has recently had another setback, so please continue to pray for her. If any of you are interested, she has a blog (www.kathrynskeepsakes.com) that someone in her family updates almost daily. She loves comments!

In August I started classes at Radford University, which some of you know was not my first choice. I had my heart set on attending Villa Julie College in Maryland, and having to adjust my plans was heartbreaking. But I have met so many incredible people here, at a place where I thought Christians would be few and far between! Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) has an amazing presence here on campus, and my roommate and I have so much in common it’s scary! I know these things can not have been mere coincidences, so I am beginning to see that maybe coming to RU was God’s will after all. I would post pictures, but I’m afraid I left my USB cord at home, so I can’t take the pictures off my camera. 😦 Once I get it back, I’ll post some, and I’ll try not to wait two months this time! 🙂

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Most of you who read this know my cousin, Kathryn. She has been in the hospital for a week and-a-half because of severe stomach pains. She has undergone a lot of tests, and it was confirmed today that she has a rare disease called Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome. Please pray for Kathryn and her family, as this is a very trying time for them. Please pray that they can find a doctor who is acquainted with Kathryn’s disease and can help her as much as possible. I don’t wish to appear selfish, but please pray for me and my family as well. I want to be as positive and encouraging to Kathryn as she has always been to me, but to be honest, I’m finding it very hard because I am taking this rather hard as well.

If you would like to read updates about Kathryn, go to www.kathrynskeepsakes.com


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Yesterday I went to school late because I missed my ride. I was having a bad morning and did not feel like going. So, I caught the bus and just went to biology lab. On the way home I had to get on the wrong bus because there is no safe way to cross to the other side of the street. So instead of getting off at the stop I intended, I got off at the Downtown Library. It was difficult to get off with my scooter because there was another person with a wheelchair on the bus but I eventually did it and got home fine. I was excited because I came from a different location, but still managed not to make any wrong turns! Those of you that know how bad I am with directions know this is a big thing for me!!!

Something interesting happened in French today… we had a test that turned out to be quite difficult. At the end of class period several people were still working, including myself and my friend Beka. While we were working in the hall, a cell phone rang… again and again and again. There was no one else in the hall, so we were trying to figure out where on earth it was coming from. Eventally we figured out it was coming from inside an envelope on one of the teachers doors! Why on earh would anyone put a cell phone inside an envelope like that!?!?!?

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